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Cities Insurance Group has been your trusted advisors for over 20 years. In the beginning Cities focused on helping seniors to understand and select the best option for their Medicare coverage. The evolution over time was driven by our customers’ needs. We began helping to place portions of our senior’s retirement investments into safe money accounts (giving them some sleep insurance) as well as opened up a Property and Casualty division to help those that were on a fixed income save a few hundred dollars more a year (to add to their Christmas budget). A few years ago many of our customers became quite concerned over the safety of their investments in dollar denominated accounts as our national debt began skyrocketing and the value of the dollar began to plummet. John and Richard the original owners looked for a way for their advisors to offer a hedge against inflation investment to their clients and could not find one. So they started a new company called Royal Metals Group. Royal metals allows agents to sell physical gold and silver to their clients. We take the business of helping seniors sleep very well at night, very seriously, and enjoy doing it.


Rob Cain

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